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Responses to "Where the Buck Stops"

November 8, 2005

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We Appreciate

Those of us who play opera regularly agree wholeheartedly with the problems you cited about Rosenberg, and await Gockley's touch on the company with anticpated relief!

I believe he will be just the influence we need to get the company back on track.

Thanks for your insightful and pointed commentary.

________Carole Klein

Thank you so much for Robert Commanday's excellent article "Where the Buck Stops." I was livid after reading it but immediately sent it to several friends or otherwise made them aware of it. Then this morning after reading Joshua Kosman's review in the Chronicle of the latest atrocity (La forza del destino), I was enraged even more. May that woman, Pamela Rosenberg, leave town as soon as possible and never set foot here again. These trashy productions do not help people coming to opera for the first time to know what Beethoven or Verdi or anyone else wrote. Certainly we don't go to Broadway shows to see and hear the great Rogers and Hammerstein musicals North Atlantic, Texas, and Roller Coaster. Why shouldn't we expect to hear and see what Verdi and other composers wrote about, not what some brain-dead operatic design team wants us to see? Also, I hope that the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Opera give Mr. Gockley their full backing and support. Otherwise I will have to do what I cannot afford to do at this time and that is move to New York City and buy season tickets to the Met.

________Irving Q. Waldorf

Robert Commanday's article "Where the Buck Stops" is just right on target. Kudos to you and to him for getting it right!

________Irma Zigas

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