SFS musicians, who have been playing without a contract since November, were distributing flyers outside Davies Symphony Hall last week.

Orchestra and music director were united in splendid interpretations of Beethoven and Mussorgsky/Ravel.

The Korean soprano tells SFCV about the traditional repertoire she’s bringing to the annual concert at Davies Symphony Hall.

Calm, peaceful works by the Ukrainian composer contrast with the Sturm und Drang of Mozart’s D-Minor Piano Concerto at The Soraya.

Rembetiko, a gritty tradition of song and dance engendered by a nearly forgotten war, is celebrated by the Greek Chamber Music Project.

In a rock-solid performance by the Ensemble intercontemporain, a new musical score does everything that the 1924 film could not even imagine.

The Chicago quartet is in its element with a program of recent works written expressly for the group.

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From the Archives

Michael Tilson Thomas steps down as artistic director of the New World Symphony but plans to continue conducting as long as he is able.

Glittery sets and costumes aren’t enough to save this tired production.

The eclectic singer, instrumentalist, and actor joins the SF Symphony for a diverse evening of American music.

Min tells SFCV about her anything-but-traditional approach to the pipa and her new soundtrack project with jazz guitarist Rez Abassi.