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Best Bet: Cal Performances Free-for-All

September 27, 2012

Daniel Barash with his shadow puppetsThink of it: A whole day of free dance, music, and theater — Chitresh Das Dance Company; Cypress String Quartet; Davitt Moroney; story tellers Diane Ferlatte and Eth-Noh Tec; not to mention Daniel Barash and his shadow puppets. Also, Kronos quartet; Marco Silva’s Brazilian Jazz; the Shotgun Players, taiko drumming, interactive ribbon dancing, and on and on.

People drift in and out of the events, which makes it a great way for young children or even toddlers to get their first taste of live music and performance. If someone in your house is thinking of applying to UC Berkeley this is a great time to visit. If you simply want to get your cultural zing, this is the place.

And, of course, there’s Telegraph Avenue, with restaurants and all the tie-dyed knacks and knick you could ever want. It’s also a taste of the Cal Performance upcoming season, which actually begins tonight, Sept. 27, with Theatre de la Ville performing Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros.

Fall Free-for-All, Cal Performances, Sept. 30, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., Zellerbach Hall and six other stages around the UC Berkeley campus, free.

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