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Blind Rave Review for Inouye

October 8, 2013

Inouye: <em>Synchrony</em>'s hero In far-away London, a critic reviewing a CD spotted, identified, and extolled an instrumental passage without ever setting eyes on the musician or even being able to name him.

Philip Clark writes in Gramophone about the San Francisco Symphony American Mavericks CD, which includes Henry Cowell's Synchrony:

The long and chromatically fecund unaccompanied trumpet prologue makes a point manifest: a badge of honour, please, to the San Francisco SO's lead trumpeter, who plays with such unity of tone that you begin to suspect he or she has had a sustain pedal hooked into the bell of the instrument.

Clark is excused, but us locals know who "he or she" is: Mark Inouye, of course!

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