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Holiday Ballets From London

November 5, 2013

Sarah Lamb (Alice) and the Cheshire Cat in the Royal Ballet production of <em>Alice's Adventures in Wonderland</em> Photos by Johan PerssonA new way to get your holiday ballet fix: from the Royal Opera House via NCM Fathom Events come to movie theaters all around us first Christopher Wheeldon's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, to music by Joby Talbot, with sets and costume by Bob Crowley (Nov. 19), and then the Royal Ballet's tried-and-true Nutcracker on Dec. 17. Tickets are $15 and up.

This is Peter Wright’s classic Nutcracker, 30 years old and going strong, featuring a great cast in a fairytale setting. Take a look at video about the preparations for Nutcracker.

Featured in Wheeldon's work: Lauren Cuthbertson as Alice, Zenaida Yanowsky as the Queen of Hearts, and Steven McRae as the Mad Hatter.

The amazing thing about the spread of art via HD is the explosion of venues. A couple of years ago, there were just a few movie theaters in the Bay Area carrying these programs, but if you look at available venues today (click on "buy tickets" and enter your ZIP code), you will find two dozen theaters.

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