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Imperial Russian Baroque

November 5, 2013

Steven Fox conducts Philharmonia Baroque's Russian programs That headline is taking liberties with chronology, but it conveys the spirit of the enterprise: Philharmonia Baroque's next round of concerts, Nov. 15-19, is called "Music from Imperial Saint Petersburg," presenting works by some of the earliest Russian composers.

Led by guest conductor Steven Fox of the New York Clarion Society, the concerts feature soprano Anna Dennis singing arias by Bortniansky and Glinka, and cellist Tanya Tomkins' solo in Johann Heinrich Facius's Concerto for Violoncello in D Minor — a modern premiere.

The programs include Berezovsky's Symphony in C Major; suites from Bortniansky's Alcide and Le fils rival; the Facius concerto; "Dance of the Blessed Spirits" from Fomin's Orpheus; and three arias by Glinka.

If other than Glinka, these names are as unknown to you as they were to me, there is help on the orchestra's website.

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