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Leutwyler: Capturing Ballet from the Inside

December 11, 2012

Leutwyler's photo from the wings at NYC Ballet during Balanchine's <em>Serenade</em>"Much in the way Edgar Degas captured the backstage realities and onstage glory of the dancers in the Paris Opera Ballet in his impressionist paintings, a New York city photographer has chronicled the everyday scenes of dancers in the New York City Ballet in an upstairs/downstairs-like collection," says a Daily Mail story about Henry Leutwyler.

Allowed unprecedented and unfettered access to the workings of the company for 30 days, Leutwyler compiled his work into Ballet, a 488-page book with more than 270 photographs.

These beautiful, often haunting, photos of dancers back stage and from the front row fill the book; fulfilling a passion for the art form that has consumed the photographer for more than 30 years.

Selections of his pieces are also on display at the Foley Gallery in New York.

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