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Missa Salisburgensis in Rehearsal with the American Bach Soloists

July 16, 2013

It only took a few days for the American Bach Soloists to sell out its festival production of Heinrich Biber’s Missa Salisburgensis. For the lucky few who saw it, many of them new to ABS, it was massively entertaining. SFCV went to the final rehearsal to record a few minutes of the piece and speak to Jeffrey Thomas, music and artistic director of ABS. The results are below.

Biber’s Salzburg Mass, With Jeffrey Thomas

We asked Thomas to tell us a little bit about this unusual score and how ABS came to perform it.

Biber’s Salzburg Mass, With Jeffrey Thomas on YouTube

Missa Salisburgensis in Rehearsal

Here are the final two minutes of the Gloria from the Mass (cum Sancto Spiritu in gloria Dei Patris. Amen). 
Missa Salisburgensis in Rehearsal on YouTube

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