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Switchboard: Novelties, Endurance, Secrecy

February 18, 2014

The Mobius Trio to participate in Switchboard's inaugural concert San Francisco's newest new-music organization, Switchboard Presents, will have its inaugural concert on Friday at the Center for New Music, featuring The Living Earth Show, Mobius Trio, and Friction Quartet — all three having opened previously for the Kronos Quartet's four-night run at ZSpace.

All that can be found out about the program is that with Lagunitas as the sponsor of the series, there will be locally brewed beer, and a premiere: Edges by Belinda Reynolds.

The series continues on the third Friday of every month at the Center. On April 12, Switchboard will put on an eight-hour music festival, headlined by the Kronos. As soon as we find out specifics for any of the Switchboard events, the information will be distributed.

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