Janos Gereben - November 17, 2009

(Contractual) Longevity of Conductors

Upon hearing news of Simon Rattle's contract as principal conductor being extended by the self-governing Berlin Philharmonic through 2018, I put together a quick — and obviously incomplete — survey of music directors' tenure.

Michael Zwiebach - November 10, 2009
It’s holiday crush time. We’ve just passed Halloween, we have about two weeks to think about Thanksgiving (we’ll just get through that one — a turkey and football are all you need, right?), and then we’ll brace ourselves for the month-long winter holiday season ... that orgy of partying and spending and family visiting that ends with a hangover and a New Year’s Day splurge.
Janos Gereben - November 10, 2009

The Phantom of the Legion

The great Ernest M.

SFCV Staff - November 3, 2009

If you're trying to reach the Free MP3 Download From Volti Turn the Page, click here.

Lisa Petrie - November 3, 2009
The high school selection process has begun for next fall with a flurry of open houses, fairs, school visits, and application forms. When the dust settles, some 5,260 eighth-graders in San Francisco will choose a public school in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) for their high school experience.
Janos Gereben - November 3, 2009

'Our People' Doing Well Everywhere

Excuse yet another rather provincial outburst of pride, but young artists from hereabouts are making strides around the world — not that it's something new, but there is an unusual cluster of such reports:

Jose Maria Condemi

The Merola alumnus, who is likely to direct a San Francisco Bu
Lisa Houston - October 27, 2009

A perfect evening at the Symphony or a dazzling night at the Opera might begin with a new outfit, a trip to the barber, and, once you’re properly outfitted, dinner out. Whether having hors d’oeuvres and cocktails with friends, or a fine meal at a restaurant near the concert hall, you can be sure that many of your fellow diners are headed for the same enjoyable evening that you are. But once you’ve soared on the golden wings of Puccini or Mahler, you might find yourself unceremoniously dropped into the less than majestic scene of San Francisco’s Civic Center after 11 p.m.

Janos Gereben - October 27, 2009

Mansouri Unveiled

Lotfi Mansouri x2
Lisa Petrie - October 21, 2009
It is with great curiosity and a little trepidation that I approach my first “Chant Camp,” presented by the singers of Anonymous 4 and Stanford University on, Monday, October 19.
Jason Victor Serinus - October 20, 2009
Berkeley-raised conductor J. Karla Lemon, who conducted a host of local and national new music ensembles and orchestras between teaching gigs at Stanford University and other institutions, died peacefully at her Oakland home on October 15.