Best Contemporary Opera

Do you think you have what it takes to be a critic for San Francisco Classical Voice?

Then we want to hear from you! SFCV is currently accepting nominations for best contemporary opera (“contemporary” here meaning a work that premiered in 2000 or later), and we want our readers’ opinions. If you have an opera in mind — a production that’s stuck with you, a performance that was particularly memorable, or a score that just deserves to be heard again and again — write to us.

Submit your nomination by emailing [email protected] a paragraph or two explaining why your pick is great, entertaining, or significant. We’ll publish the best of our readers’ replies, along with answers from our own staff of critics, next month.

Deadline for submissions is July 3. And remember: We’re only considering operas that premiered in the past 22 years (since 2000), so check the date of the first performance before nominating. For your choice to count, make sure to include a paragraph detailing why your favorite is the best contemporary opera.

To submit a nomination, email [email protected].

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