Fantasy Studios in Berkeley to Shut Down

Michael Zwiebach on July 31, 2018
Joan Baez in the studio, with Jesse Nichols and Jeffrey Wood | Credit: Fantasy Studios

According to a report in, Fantasy Studios, the fabled recording location for such famous releases as Green Day’s Dookie, Santana’s Supernatural, and many Creedence Clearwater Revival albums, will close in September 2018. The Zaentz Media Center, built in 1980 at 2600 10th St., and owned, since 2007, by Wareham Development, is being sold.

Saul Zaentz bought Fantasy Records in 1967 and turned it into a hugely influential label, encompassing jazz and, of course, rock. Zaentz then moved into film, producing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in 1975. With the profits from that movie, he expanded the Fantasy Studios building. In addition to recording albums, Fantasy Studios has recorded film sound as well. SFCV fans will note that two other Zaentz film productions — Amadeus and The English Patient — were recorded at Fantasy. It is still a major studio for independent artists of all kinds, from musicians to game developers.

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