Sorcerer Coming and Going

Janos Gereben on March 12, 2013
Robert Vann as Alexis and Lindsay Thompson Roush as Aline in Photo by David Allen
Robert Vann as Alexis and Lindsay Thompson Roush as Aline
Photo by David Allen

The next show from Lamplighters is a "jewel box production" of The Sorcerer, with costumes and props, but on a minimal set, and with the orchestra on stage — only three semi-staged concert performances of the opera between March 16 and 24, one in Walnut Creek, and two in Herbst Theatre.

The two-act comic opera is the result of the third collaboration by W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. Gilbert's original story, which served as the basis for the libretto, is about a love potion that causes everyone in the village to fall in love with the first person they see. The pairing of mismatched couples is accompanied by comic duets, a patter song, a contrapuntal double chorus, a love duet, a soprano showpiece, and more.

Two dozen musical numbers include "The air is charged with amatory numbers," "Time was when Love and I were well acquainted," "With heart and with voice," "The Tea-Cup Brindisi," and "Oh, joyous boon! Oh, mad delight."

The cast includes Lindsay Thompson-Roush, Rose Frazier, Megan Stetson, Kelly Powers, Robert Vann, Chris Uzelac, Baker Peeples (the music director reverting to his former singing career), and Robby Stafford.