Cecilia Bartoli, Mezzo-Soprano

Janos Gereben on January 30, 2009
Now in her absolute prime, Cecilia Bartoli has established herself as one of the greatest singers of this or any age. It’s not just her phenomenal technique and unique, rapid-fire coloratura, both of which will be amply demonstrated in her presentation of María Malibrán’s Salon Romantique. Nor is it simply a matter of vocal beauty, which she supplies in abundance. Rather, it is the fact that she employs her gifts with consummate musical intelligence. With Bartoli’s singing, the art of bel canto, which depends upon subtle nuance and inflection, has been given a new lease on life. While the recital is sold out, there is always a chance that tickets will be turned in, released, or scalped at the last minute. If you’ve never heard Bartoli in person, there’s nothing like it. The spirit in the hall will be tremendous. As is her graciousness.

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