Chelsea Nicole Spangler

Chelsea Nicole Spangler is a graduate student in ethnomusicology at UC Berkeley. She earned her B.A. in vocal performance at Wartburg College, and spent the 2007-2008 academic year studying the Hardanger fiddle in Norway.

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Chelsea Nicole Spangler - October 20, 2010

“Relevance.” This is the confident answer of Volti’s artistic director, Robert Geary, when asked what people will like about the choral ensemble’s upcoming program. The weekend of Nov. 5-7 will see Volti’s 32nd season open.

Chelsea Nicole Spangler - November 9, 2009

The holiday sales are on, airlines are offering special home-for-the-holidays rates, and pop versions of holiday tunes have already hit the radio airwaves and are playing in malls. Many bemoan the commercialization of the holiday season, and long for a return to a remembered (or perhaps only imagined) past.

Chelsea Nicole Spangler - October 26, 2009
For classical music aficionados, the term early music generally brings to mind only works that they might hear in a Western concert hall. But Cançonièr adopts a much broader view for its upcoming concert (its debut as ensemble-in-residence at MusicSources), incorporating a Dufay motet, Turkish classical music, Italian and German dances, Balkan folk songs, and more.
Chelsea Nicole Spangler - October 10, 2009
In another concert series geared toward social justice, the ArtisVocal Ensemble presented an evening of “Kirkenabendmusik” at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Berkeley on Friday.
Chelsea Nicole Spangler - June 23, 2009
Baby Doe Tabor
Since 1979, the Berkeley Opera has presented accessible, affordable productions in the East Bay.

The “California Fusion” program performed by the Artists’ Vocal Ensemble on Friday night brought music spanning several decades and continents to the audience at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Berkeley.

Chelsea Nicole Spangler - March 30, 2009

The Tallis Scholars drew an audience large enough to pack the sanctuary of First Congregational Church in Berkeley on Saturday night, reinforcing their reputation as (in the words of a New York Times critic) "the rock stars of Renaissance choral music."

Chelsea Nicole Spangler - March 10, 2009
What do an archaeologist, a lawyer, and a black belt in jujitsu have in common? They may sound like the beginning of a bad joke, but in reality they're a sampling of the Bay Area's choristers.
Chelsea Nicole Spangler - February 10, 2009
Melody of China

The New Year’s parade may be over, but San Francisco has not finished ringing in the year of the ox.

Chelsea Nicole Spangler - November 18, 2008
I walked into Herbst Theatre on Sunday evening expecting the Scandinavian ensemble Trio Mediæval to instantly transport me from sunny San Francisco to twilit Norway, where winter has already begun.