Cristina Schreil

Cristina Schreil is a Bay Area-based award-winning arts and culture journalist. She has written for BBC Music, Acoustic Guitar, Strings, Nob Hill Gazette, and more.

Articles By This Author

Cristina Schreil - March 8, 2022

UPDATED: The rising composer calls her three-year residency with the orchestra “immensely transformative.”

Cristina Schreil - April 28, 2020

Touring is essential for many musicians and groups. Here’s how some of them are mitigating the environmental impact.

Cristina Schreil - March 9, 2020

Cirque is the spirited brass ensemble’s latest — a zany mashup of virtuosic music and slapstick.

Cristina Schreil - March 3, 2020

The virtuoso violinist is more than a match for Paganini’s show-stopper concerto.

Cristina Schreil - March 2, 2020

The conductor and violinist meld minds in a concerto Salonen composed expressly for Josefowicz.

Cristina Schreil - December 17, 2019

Distinguished guests are on hand to hear Dutt perform several premieres.

Cristina Schreil - December 8, 2019

The cello-piano pair are equal partners in a concert slate that showcases the strengths of each artist.

Cristina Schreil - November 18, 2019

Capping a Noe Valley Chamber Music residency, the New York-based trio delivers an impactful performance.