Kaneez Munjee

Kaneez Munjee is a singer, writer, and editor. She holds a Ph.D. in musicology from Stanford University, and specializes in late 17th- and early 18th-century French music.

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 San Francisco Choral Society  S.F. Choral Society: Calling Mother Earth
November 19, 2011

A Finnish paean to nature and the Earth itself is sung for the first time on the West Coast.

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Chamber Orchestra/Orchestra REVIEW
 San Francisco Early Music Society  Ciaramella Raises a Joyful Noise
December 12, 2010

Holiday concerts by the SFEMS bring a number of unusual sounds to Bay Area audiences. Sunday’s concert presented Ciaramella, an ensemble dedicated to music of the 15th century, showcasing the celebratory Renaissance music of the season, and how pleasing it can be to modern audiences.

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Chamber Music REVIEW
 San Francisco Early Music Society  Passionate Tapestry From Musica Pacifica
October 30, 2010

At 20th-anniversary concerts of Musica Pacifica offered performers who reach far beyond merely creating beautiful sounds: They truly create music by infusing the composers’ notes with energy and passion, and with the elusive-but-essential breath of life.

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 Chanticleer  Chanticleer: Voices of the Stars
September 17, 2010

Chanticleer began its 33rd season this week with “Out of This World,” a program built around music referencing the stars, the planets, and the heavens. The men’s chorus drew principally on music of the Renaissance, Romantic, and modern eras, and delivered a performance that was varied in content, well-nuanced, and crowd-pleasing.

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Upcoming Concert
    June 28, 2010

    How do you get to be a successful opera singer? According to Sylvia Anderson, founder of the Bay Area Summer Opera Theater Institute (BASOTI), it takes a combination of talent, vocal and acting techniques, time and experience, confidence, honesty, and — most of all — the passion to want it “with all of your heart.” 

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    Upcoming Concert
      May 10, 2010

      Chora Nova performs one of Rossini’s greatest works, the Petite Messe solennelle — neither little, solemn, nor even really a Mass — on May 29, under the direction of Paul Flight, providing an opportunity to hear this Mass in something close to its original version.

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      Upcoming Concert
        November 23, 2009

        The glorious sounds of choral music for the Christmas season come in many forms, and the California Bach Society’s “Advent in Dresden 1620” concerts, presented Dec. 4-6 in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Berkeley, promise musical splendor in an old and lush tradition. 

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        Choral REVIEW
         Chanticleer  Renaissance Pleas for Mercy
        June 7, 2009

        To close a season embracing music mostly of the modern era, Chanticleer returned to its founding ideals on Sunday night at San Francisco’s Mission Dolores, with an entirely Renaissance program, sung a cappella.

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        Archive REVIEW
           Family Ties
        October 21, 2008

        The San Francisco Bach Choir began its 73rd season last weekend with a concert titled “Before Bach: A Family Portrait,” paying homage to Johann Sebastian’s musical predecessors. As the program notes explained, Sebastian himself was interested in his genealogy, and in 1735 drew up a family tree dating back to the 1500s, which is the most reliable document we have today on the entire Bach family.

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        Archive REVIEW
           The New Cantabile
        June 12, 2007

        The Cantabile Chorale has a new sound. Some aspects of this hold great promise, while other aspects suggest areas that could do with some ironing out. Friday night's concert at St. Gregory Nyssa in San Francisco, titled "Bach, Beatles, and Beyond," demonstrated this ably.

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