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Sarah Sloan is a classical singer and voice teacher in the East Bay. You can find her blog at

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Sarah Sloan - October 31, 2013

Do kids need talent to study singing? Is vocal aptitude learned or an innate skill? Just what is talent? How do I recognize and develop it? These are common questions parents have when deciding to pursue singing lessons for their kids. Those unfamiliar with music lessons might think that singing is a skill one is born with and cannot be learned.

Sarah Sloan - January 6, 2012
Basia Bulat, Photo by John Benson
Photo by John Benson

One of the many crucial things a young singer must learn when developing good vocal tec

Sarah Sloan - January 5, 2012

To belt or not to belt? This is often a controversial question within the singing community.

Sarah Sloan - January 3, 2012
Photo courtesy of Missouri State University
Photo courtesy of Missouri State University

Whether auditioning for opera or musical theater, it's