Gloria Chuang, DMA

When people asked me how do I become a successful teacher, I answered them back, because I get the parents involved and I am equally passionate about teaching as I am with performing. For the very young students, this is necessary where parents' involvement became an important guidance at home, eventually the students will grow to own the music we explored together and then put their own finish touches at the end. I have been teaching for the last 25 years in the midwest, each student begins with a parent taking notes. This won't last forever, because we quickly get out of the method book. For my more competitive students, I run a vigorous program in El Cerrito and I know what it takes for the students to get on track for auditions and entering colleges, and also prepare their AP music theory class.

As a teacher, I am kind (please see my linked in comments) and patient, but vigorous and assigned homework that will give disciplines and the basics to highlight their ultimate goals. I draw from each student, the aspects of their own already come equipped talent and then I developed each individually their eye-ear-hands coordination to a beautiful artistry. At first, the student will respond to my leadership, then she/he will learn to come to their own. I teach mainly classical, that's my expertise but at the end, it is the students ear that gives my cues to further develop. I feel that Jazz and Improvisation is a necessary way to a stronger communication if they learn many different styles and to a total musicianship, Mozart and Beethoven, and we used to constantly improvise and up to Chopin's period.

As a performer, I have given Lecture-Recitals in three continents. Recently soloist with Moravian Philharmonia Orchestra in Olomouce, Czech. Soloist with Minnesota Orchestra Metropolitan, Winona State Symphony, Michigan University Orchestra. Have taught students entering IVY Leagues schools such as Vanderbilt, Yale, Juilliard, MIT, Harvard, Stanford and Princeton Universities. I am affiliated as aMember of MTNA, Federation and have worked with top Forbes 500 Company CEO's to raise funding for music scholarships in Wisconsin, Chicago and in California. I have performed a piano program at Carnegie on two weeks after 9/11 Twin Tower Incident.
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Gloria Chuang
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MTNA, CTMA, WTMA, Carnegie Honor's Development. Xfinity Campaign. Presenters at Piano Arts National Competitions. Adjudicated at National Piano Competitions.

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Classical, Improvisation, Jazz
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Piano/ Violin secondary
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age 8-80

The Juilliard School, BM and MM. Doctor of Musical Arts at the University of Michigan. Taught at University Level for the last 10 years and private studio for the last 20 years.

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I have my own method, the idea of method books is to allow students to get out of them in a systematic way in order to get into the standard repertoire. With younger kids, rote playing is a necessary steps to make the pathway from ear to eyes to hand. I bring out the best of the student's raw talent and quickly diagnose the students' needs by choosing the right repertoire at the right moment in order for them to grow, enter any competitive auditions or just simply to enjoy and for the skills set to last a life-time.

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