Thomas Clark

As an Estill Voice Certified Master Voice Teacher with over 40 years of singing and teaching experience, I offer lessons for all voice types and genres of music, everything from classical, opera, to musical theater, jazz/pop, and the Great American Songbook. Estill Voice will show you what is possible to do with the voice and how to shape your sound. Lessons are creative and musical and will be adjusted to your personal needs. In building your voice technique, I will give you a strong emphasis on coordinating vocal anatomy for every possible acoustical result, the very foundation of the Estill Voice Model. I specialize in vocal exercises which extend range, overcome constriction, and develop and balance resonance. I will get you singing without strain on your vocal folds by eliminating breaks in your voice and giving you the ability to develop versatility in all musical styles, especially improving range and tone. I am especially skilled in diagnosing, treating and correcting vocal problems. My goal is to teach you how to sing and to bring you to a professional level as quickly as possible. In a typical lesson, we will spend an hour coordinating vocal exercises anatomically and then another hour applying those exercises to songs/repertoire. It is an approach that produces outstanding results.

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Thomas Clark
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Estill World Voice - Certified Master Teacher of the Estill Voice Model

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All Genres
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Dramatic Tenor
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I am a Certified Master Teacher of the Estill Voice Model

I have over 40 years experience and teach all voice styles and genres.

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$100 Cash per two-hour session
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Online Skype Voice Lessons offered by Estill Voice Certified Master Voice Teacher, Thomas Clark, with over 40 years of singing and teaching experience. Estill Voice is a scientific, anatomy-based voice model with exercises targeting every structure involved in singing. These vocal exercises will show you what is possible to do with the voice, why and how. You will learn to sing in a free and unconstricted way with extended range and beauty of tone. My sessions are not the typical ‘voice lesson’ per se, but more like working gigs during which we organically work together for you to achieve your best possible vocal technique. Periodically, I schedule studio recitals where you can put the voice technique you have learned into recital performance. When I schedule a voice lesson, it is for two hours, during which we discuss, analyze and practice together to gain kinesthetic awareness of your best vocal positions for free vocal coordination. If you have ever had difficulties with other vocal pedagogies, I will help you recover. The charge for these two-hour sessions is $100 cash. There is a lot of information so I suggest using Skype to record the sessions, as Skype has an excellent new recording system. I guarantee that you will be singing in your best possible voice.

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