I Trovatori Opera

We bring in the soloists for operas and contracting entity provides the piano, orchestra, chorus and PA system the concert is for any outdoor venues. Depending on the work requested the number of soloists and pianist, conductor is flexible. IE: for The Impresario, 4 singers, a pianist, conductor. If with orchestra, just 4 singers.

Full details when you contact us for your event or concert season.

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Member Names:
Sonia Alonso Harden
Group Type:
Classical Vocal Ensemble performing Concert Operas
Available For:
Orchestras, Parties, Special Events, Fund Raising.
Opera, Oratorio, Musical Theater
Take Requests:
Pianos Required:

We provide principal singers for Operas, Oratorios, & Musical Theaters. You provide: Piano, Orchestra, and or Chorus depending on the work performed.

Service Rate:
$300 per singer per Concert, other rates available