Palo Alto Philharmonic Music Service

The Palo Alto Philharmonic Music Service can provide many different types of groups, including strings (trio/quartet), harp/viola, harp/flute/viola, wind quartet/quintet, brass groups, piano with various strings or winds. We have a long tradition of providing music, both background and center-stage, for many different types of events. we are flexible and will do our best to provide musical satisfaction for a reasonable price.

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Contact Phone:
Member Names:
Geri Actor
Group Type:
String trio/quartet, harp/viola duo, keyboard/strings
Available For:
Weddings, parties, business events
Classical, light pop, traditional
Take Requests:
Requests to be discussed in advance
Pianos Required:

A piano is preferred, but we have a professional keyboard which will sound just like one.

Service Rate:
Varies, depends on group size requested