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Tosca With Fries

San Francisco Opera

Date: Fri June 5, 2009 8:00pm

When Tosca throws herself from the parapet of the Castel Sant' Angelo, at the end of Puccini's brilliant opera, the assembled crowd watching the San Francisco Opera production on the electronic scoreboard at AT&T Park this Friday, may be waiting to hear the splash. The ballpark's setting is every bit as spectacular as those that Puccini imagined for his opera, and admission to the opera telecast is free.

Bring a sweater or two (or three) just in case, open a bottle of wine (or a beer, or a 24-oz Coke), spread a blanket on the infield and enjoy. This is one of those operas that can hardly fail to entertain — especially when you've got the quality cast S.F. Opera has assembled.

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