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The World of György Ligeti, Program 1: Hungarian Roots

Bard Music West

Bard Music West The World of György Ligeti, Program 1: Hungarian Roots

"A new kind of music, starting from nothing." - György Ligeti

Help us make history! Join us for the first performance of the inaugural season of Bard Music West, a new music festival in San Francisco.
Explore György Ligeti’s Hungarian Jewish origins and rhythmic influences, from Béla Bartók to the folk music of Transylvania. The program begins with the fantastically inventive Musica Ricercata, a piece that graced Stanley Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut, and ends with a soaring work set to Sephardic Jewish poetry by one of Ligeti’s greatest pupils, Roberto Sierra.

Transylvanian Folk Music by the New Moon Trio
Hear this dynamic trio of clarinet, accordion, and bass play the music of Ligeti's birthplace.

Ligeti: Musica ricercata
Described by Ligeti as "a new kind of music, starting from nothing," this piece playfully explores the most basic elements of music, one note at a time.

Ligeti: Sonata for Solo Cello
Banned by the Communist government, this piece was not premiered for a quarter century after it was written. Hear the delicious duality between the first movement, a haunting journey through pizzicato and glissando using the full range of the cello, and the flashy, assertive second movement.

Bartók: String Quartet No. 2
Bartók’s music had a profound influence on Ligeti’s music in general, and his string quartets were no exception. When he went on to write his two string quartets, Bartok’s group of six were undeniably on his mind.

Sierra: Songs from the Diaspora
A song cycle by one of Ligeti’s most renowned students. The songs’ texts are derived from verses penned by Jews in 15th-century Spain, who were forced into exile during a politically and religiously motivated expulsion.

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New Moon Trio

Transylvanian Folk Music

György Ligeti

Musica ricercata

Bela Bartok

String Quartet No. 2


Sonata for Solo Cello

Roberto Sierra

Songs From the Diaspora


New Moon Trio

Transylvanian Folk Music

Boya Wei