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The World of György Ligeti, Program 3: Musical Eternity

Bard Music West

Bard Music West The World of György Ligeti, Program 3: Musical Eternity

The final program of Bard Music West's "The World of György Ligeti." The festival ends with a celebration of Ligeti that juxtaposes the magisterial with the minute, featuring San Francisco’s premier new music chorus, Volti. Trace the vast range of Ligeti’s influences from 15th-century choral music to California minimalism by the Bay Area’s own Terry Riley. Become a performer in our participatory adaptation of Ligeti’s mind-blowing Poéme Symphonique for mobile phone metronomes. Volti ends the festival with the otherworldly soundscape of Lux Aeterna, which some may recognize from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Johannes Ockeghem

Marian Motets for a cappella chorus

György Ligeti

Sonata for Viola, Lux Aeterna for a cappella chorus, and Poéme Symphonique, adapted for mobile phone metronomes

Lukas Ligeti

Excerpts from Time for violin and piano

Terry Riley

Keyboard Study No. 2 for solo piano



a capella chorus

Luosha Fang

Violinist and Violist

The Audience

Smartphone metronome orchestra