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Kristian Bezuidenhout in Recital

Berkeley Festival & Exhibition

Berkeley Festival & Exhibition Kristian Bezuidenhout in Recital

Fortepiano: Mozart and more

“A performer with rare rhetorical and poetic gifts: MOZART REINCARNATED.” - De Telegraaf

“The finest living exponent of the fortepiano” - The Herald, UK

“Bezuidenhout is a prince of the fortepiano, making it sing in melodic phrases as no other practitioner of this intractable instrument has done in my experience.” - The London Times

Winner of many international awards, the 35 year old keyboardist is acknowledged as a rising star of historical performance.

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C.P.E. Bach (1714-1788)

Rondo in C minor, Wq. 59/4, from für Kenner und Liebhaber (Hamburg, 1784)

W. A. Mozart

Suite in C major, K. 399 (Vienna, 1782)

C.P.E. Bach

Sonata in E minor, Wq. 59/1, from für Kenner und Liebhaber (Hamburg, 1784)


Rondo in A minor, K. 511 (Vienna, 1787)


Sonata in A major, K. 331, 'Alla Turca' (Vienna, 1783)


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Artist Spotlights
May 28, 2014

Others’ scholarship and playing styles helped draw Kristian Bezuidenhout to the beguiling field of early-music performance.

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