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Las Peteneras music and dance concert with Maria de la Rosa

Brava! for Women in the Arts

Brava! for Women in the Arts Las Peteneras  music and dance concert with Maria de la Rosa

Las Peteneras is the final installment of a four-part concert series, developed at La Peña Cultural Center, ,examining the role of women in traditional folk music and dance from Latin America and the Caribbean. Sones such as "La Petenera" weave a story that is a reflection on the timeless feminine embedded in our collective experience-- a shared memory that reaches past the limitations of our corporal beings and geographical borders all the way to our ancient past and back to our rooted present.

Las Peteneras opens with an enchanting call from the sirens to explore ancient voices, evoke our primal reaction to "cante hondo", the song that is deep within us. The melodic harmonies invite us to question our understanding of the female presence in Mexican folkloric music and dance traditions.

For this culminating event, La Peña and Brava join forces to present a one-of-a-kind music and dance concert featuring a cast of primarily Bay Area female artists, son jarocho musicians and cultural leaders including: María de la Rosa, Artistic Director, Patricio Hidalgo, Music Director, Laura Cambrón, Arwen Lawrence, Ayla Davila, Kyla Danysh, Martha Celis De La Rosa, Yaratzé Hidalgo Sandoval, Dolores García, Liz Valdez, Jorge Liceaga, Devin Valdez, Rudy Figueroa, and Jesus Cortes.

About María de la Rosa

María de la Rosa is an award-winning artist, musician, singer, educator, and curator of folkloric music programming and Artistic Director of the son jarocho ensemble, DíaPa’Son. De La Rosa has studied for 30 years with masters of Mexican dance and music; taught traditional arts for 25+ years; has performed throughout California and in Hawaii and Mexico, primarily as a dancer with Los Lupeños de San José, and was Artistic Director for the company for three years. She has had several works selected to be performed at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival and has participated in collaborations with the Limón Foundation, NY. She has received the "Champion of the Arts" Award by San Jose Mercury News; Artist Fellowship for Choreography by Arts Council SV; and grants and honors for new works including 2014 National Performance Network Creation Fund award. In 2016 she was invited as a lead artist to the Doris Duke Foundation Building Demand for the Arts initiative, a select contingency of 20 national artists, and received invitation to conduct a special son jarocho workshop for the 2017 artist convening. In 2013, she choreographed MACARIO, the National Endowment for the Arts-funded theater production of the book and movie of the same name.

Since 2006, she has curated and performed in several son jarocho projects at La Peña Cultural Center. With the 2014 “PAZ: Fandango Urbano” project, Maria launched year-round son jarocho programming at La Peña, including classes and monthly fandangos. Between 2013 and 2015, she was a selected artist to the Learning Without Borders Initiative of the Department of Education, where she developed arts-integrated curriculum combining son jarocho and various academic subjects teaching sample student lessons and providing professional development workshops in arts integration for classroom teachers. De La Rosa has been a guest lecturer at several area universities including University of San Francisco, San José State University, San Francisco State University, and UC Berkeley. De La Rosa’s music ensemble, DíaPa’Son, regularly appears throughout the Bay Area and beyond performing at such venues as the Oakland Museum of California, La Peña Cultural Center, Mexican Heritage Plaza, DeYoung Museum, among many. De La Rosa has been an invited guest artist with internationally renowned son jarocho master artists Patricio Hidalgo, Zenén Zeferino Huervo, and Andrés Flores in programs in the US; with Rubí Oseguera Rueda in her touring production “Al Sol y Al Sereno” in Mexico; and with Liche Oseguera Rueda in the US and in Mexico. She has been a faculty member, performing artist and administrator at Mexican Heritage Plaza and East Bay Center for the Performing Arts. She also currently develops music programming for distinguished institutions and agencies such as La Peña Cultural Center, Music In Schools Today, and Young Imaginations.

About Patricio Hidalgo

Patricio Hidalgo Belli is a renowned composer, performer, teacher and scholar who specializes in son jarocho and the traditional zapateado of the fandango dance, with a vast knowledge of the history and craftsmanship of the musical instruments of son jarocho. Mr. Hidalgo is an accomplished musician who has toured throughout Mexico, the United States, Europe, and Latin America and has appeared in Canada, China, Morocco, Cuba, Israel and Singapore. He was featured on the television program "El cristal que se mira" (The Looking Glass), hosted by Victor Trujillo (Brozo) and produced by Televisa, Mexico, where he improvised verses and sang them to tell the daily news. Many of Mr. Hidalgo's compositions and poetry have become recognized as important parts of the son jarocho canon and in conjunction with CONACULTA (National Advisory for the Arts and Culture) he organized the first forum called "Fandango jarocho: un mundo de vida (Fandango jarocho: a world of life)" with all the major master artists (principal players) for the purpose of intergenerational and intercultural reflection and dialogue Mr. Hidalgo has performed with many renowned professional son jarocho groups and was a founding member of Chuchumbé. He has recorded over ten CDs and was a guest artist with Son de Madera for a Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. In 2004, he published "El canto de la memoria", a historical investigation of the past 50 years of music of the region south of Veracruz, a project funded by the Mexican National Arts and Culture Center (FONCA).

Currently Mr. Hidalgo plays with his group Patricio Hidalgo y el Afrojarocho, of which he is the founder and director. He also tours internationally as a guest artist with Tembembe Ensemble and Piano Xarocho. In 2019 he has received recognition from the National Endowment for the Arts Artworks program for his work on Las Peteneras and was a special invited guest performer in the inauguration ceremony of Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He received a 2012 Grammy nomination for his work on Sistema Bomb’s “Electro-Jarocho” album.

The period preceding the concert in June will engage the Bay Area community in fandangos, workshops, and panel discussions.

Featured artists include:

María de la Rosa, Artistic Director
Patricio Hidalgo, Music Director

Laura Cambrón

Arwen Lawrence

Ayla Davila

Kyla Danysh

Martha Celis De La Rosa

Yaratzé Hidalgo Sandoval

Dolores García

Liz Valdez

Jorge Liceaga

Devin Valdez

Rudy Figueroa

Jesus Cortes

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Maria de la Rosa

Artistic Director

Patrico Hidalgo

Music Director

Rudy Figueroa