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Manual Cinema; Frankenstein (Cal Performances at Home)

Cal Performances

Cal Performances Manual Cinema; Frankenstein (Cal Performances at Home)

Chicago’s collective of musicians, composers, theater artists, and filmmakers captivates with its handmade and marvelously imaginative creations as seen in its mesmerizing production of Ada/Ava presented by Cal Performances in 2018. Frankenstein, co-commissioned by Cal Performances, weaves together the plot of Mary Shelley’s gothic tale with themes of desire, birth, and loss from the author’s own biography—asking us to consider our responsibility to, and for, our modern-day creations. The company’s performers manipulate hundreds of paper puppets to create a silent animated film in real time, featuring live actors and an immersive score performed onstage by four musicians. For Cal Performances at Home, Manual Cinema is creating a new iteration of its acclaimed Frankenstein production, made especially for home video viewing. “ matter where you look, you’ll find beauty and intrigue” (Chicago Sun-Times).

This performance is part of the Illuminations: Fact or Fiction series.

Following the premiere, this performance will be available to view on demand for three months. (Subject to change.)

  • Venue: Cal Performances at Home
  • Date: Thu October 29, 2020 7:00pm
  • City: Berkeley
  • Price Range: $15 for a single viewer, $30 for two viewers, and $60 per household viewing. $5 tickets are available for UC Berkeley students.

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