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[Canceled] Brandenburgs & More

Chamber Music San Francisco

Chamber Music San Francisco [Canceled] Brandenburgs & More

Perfect for Mother’s Day! Few musical works are as beloved as the six “Brandenburg” Concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach. These ebullient works display a lighter side of Bach's imperishable genius, and are a souvenir of one of the happiest and most productive periods in Bach's life. At the time he wrote them, Bach was the Kapellmeister--the music director--in the small town of Coethen, where he was composing music for the court.

The program will be performed by the highly regarded string ensemble Archetti, whose members also play in such ensembles as American Bach Soloists and Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra.

  • Venue: Herbst Theatre
  • Date: Sun May 10, 2020 3:00pm
  • City: San Francisco
  • Price Range: $36 to $48
  • Tickets: 415-392-4400

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Brandenburg Concerto #3


Brandenburg Concerto #6


Concerto for Four Violins


Concerto Grosso



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