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Émigrés & Exiles from Hollywood: Series Finale

Ensemble for These Times

Ensemble for These Times Émigrés & Exiles from Hollywood: Series Finale

E4TT’s season finale is also the series finale of the group’s exploration of rarely heard chamber works and arrangements by Émigré composers who fled war-torn Europe in the 1930s and 40s and created today’s characteristic “Hollywood sound,” along with works by several composers who remained in Europe and survived the war.

Featuring music by:
- Polish composer, Alexandre Tansman
-German/Polish-American composer, Franz Waxman
-Czech-American prodigy, Erich Korngold
-Austrian-American, Erich Zeisl
-Polish-American composer, Henry Vars
-Austrian-America, Hanns Eisler
-Auschwitz survivor, Szymon Laks
-Polish-Russian, Mieczyslaw Weinberg
-Polish composers André Tchaikowsky and Grażyna Bacewicz

Musicians: E4TT (Nanette McGuinness, soprano; Anne Lerner, cello; and season guest pianist Margaret Halbig)

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Hanns Eisler

“Hollywood-Elegie Nr. 7” (1942) from Hollywood Liederbuch

Miklós Rózsa

Excerpts from “Kaleidescope” (1946)

Alexandre Tansman

Excerpt from “Sonatine Transatlantique” (1930)

Erich Korngold

“Tanzlied die Pierrot” from Die Tote Stadt (1920)

Franz Waxman

“Scherzo and Introduction”