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American Voices (cubed!)

Ensemble LudeCanta

Ensemble LudeCanta American Voices (cubed!)

LIVE-STREAMED performance!

Bay Area based Ensemble LudeCanta (Latin for “play/sing”) was formed in 2016 as a dynamic consortium of vocal and instrumental musicians dedicated to the performance of new and under-performed works.

C.A. Jordan - Soprano & Artistic Director
Amy Likar - Flute
Lori Hennessy - Cello
Linli Wang - Piano

What sets Ensemble LudeCanta apart from other chamber ensembles is its focus on rare and under-performed works for voice and instruments. This concert is a streamlined version of what was originally meant to be presented in March/April, with only the solo pieces being performed. American Voices3(cubed) ranges in time from the Summer of 1915—in the piece of the same name by Samuel Barber—to the now--in the ‘rhythmic, melodic tone poem’ of Valerie Coleman’s “Danza de la Mariposa," and selections from the contemplative and cinematic "Songs and Poems for Cello" by Philip Glass.

This event is free to stream online, and donations are gratefully received at Paypal & Zelle: [email protected]


Philip Glass

Songs and Poems for Cello

Valerie Coleman

Danza de la Mariposa

Samuel Barber

Knoxville: Summer of 1915


C.A. Jordan

Soprano/Artistic Director