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Hammer Theatre Center Presents "Kid Koala: Nufonia Must Fall"

 Hammer Theatre Center Presents

Hammer Theatre Center presents Kid Koala’s "Nufonia Must Fall," a revolutionary live staging of the graphic novel featuring a team of puppeteers manipulating a cast of 10-inch puppets interacting on more than a dozen miniature sets and projected live on an enormous screen. "Nufonia Must Fall" tells of the epic love between a female roboticist and a music-loving T4 robot facing obsolescence as a newer, more efficient T5 robot keeps taking away his jobs. "Eugene Weekly" described it as “nothing short of magical,” and "" praised it as “one of the most heart-warming shows I’ve ever seen.” This multi-disciplinary performance directed by K.K. Barrett, Oscar nominee and longtime production designer for director Spike Jonze, is accompanied by music performed live by an ensemble of strings, piano, and electronic instruments.

For tickets ($29-$46) the public may visit or call (408) 924-8501.

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