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Mozart Haffner and Brahms 1


impromptuSF Mozart Haffner and Brahms 1

A Century of Symphonic Evolution
Brahms struggled to write his first symphony, taking about two decades to emerge from the shadow of Beethoven. While paying homage to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, this enormous work still uses a strikingly classical form and approach to take the listener on a journey from struggle to triumph.

Mozart Symphony no. 35, known as the "Haffner" Symphony, is an exuberant work written for Haffner family of Salzburg Vienna. This symphony is a perfect example of Mozart at the height of his symphonic writing in the classical form.

Time & Location
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
1111 O'Farrell St
San Francisco, CA 94109

8:00 pm
Pre-concert talk at 7:30

About Us
impromptuSF is about creating community. This community is a community of musicians, some pros and some people who have day jobs that are not in music, but everyone here because they love to share the gift of music and music making with each other and their friends. It is also about the community of San Francisco and there is nothing quite like live music to bring us together, for at least a moment, and forget all the things that stress and divide us.

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Symphony No. 1


Symphony No. 35, "Haffner"


Thomas Alexander

Music Director