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In the Belly of the Eagle: [email protected] is Deity


Kularts In the Belly of the Eagle: Man@ng is Deity

March 22 & 23, 7:30pm and March 24, 2:30pm

A mesmerizing tribute to the Pilipinx diaspora through the soul of the Manong, IN THE BELLY OF THE EAGLE - [email protected] IS DEITY is the latest multimedia dance theater workshop performance by Alleluia Panis, performed by 10 dancers to original music by composer Joshua Icban, and with visual media by filmmaker Wilfred Galila. Immortalizing the 8,000 mile immigration journey, the boisterous triumphs sought and achieved in America, and the unspoken reclusive contempts, [email protected] IS DEITY is inspired by the real-life accounts of Pilipino/a Americans between the 1920s - 1960s in San Francisco.

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