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[Canceled] Wildfires & Heroes

Mission Chamber Orchestra of San Jose

Mission Chamber Orchestra of San Jose [Canceled] Wildfires & Heroes

The fourth concert of Mission Chamber Orchestra of San Jose's 24th season, Spotlight on Women, includes these points of interest:

California’s recent wildfires made such an impression on Leslie LaBarre, she wrote a movement about them in her California Suite.

Beethoven originally planned his third symphony as an homage to Napoleon when he thought Napoleon was a champion of equality and individual freedom.

As a child, Britten loved to spend time writing music. He wrote some of his melodies for Simple Symphony when he was only eleven, and completed the work at the age of 21.

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Benjamin Britten

Simple Symphony, op. 4

Leslie LaBarre

Wildfires from California Suite (world premiere)

Marc Fish

The Once-ler’s Tale for Bassoon and Orchestra (world premiere)

Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony no. 3 in E-flat, op. 55, “Eroica”


Rufus Olivier


Emily Ray

Music Director and Conductor