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The Roaring Twenties, 1920-1930

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Music@Menlo The Roaring Twenties, 1920-1930

[email protected]'s sixth program in its "Incredible Decades" summer festival brings to life the music of the iconic 1920s during a time of cultural expansion and the Jazz Age. Featuring music from Gerswin, Bartók, and Ravel, the audience is sure to feel transported back to these years of lively rhythms.

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Sergei Prokofiev

Five Melodies for Violin and Piano, op. 35bis (1925)

Maurice Ravel

Sonata for Violin and Cello (1920–1922)

Béla Bartók

String Quartet no. 3 (1927)

George Gershwin

Lullaby for String Quartet (ca. 1919–1920)

Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Piano Quintet in E Major, op. 15 (1921)