Navitas Ensemble and The Collected

Navitas Ensemble

Navitas Ensemble Navitas Ensemble and The Collected

The Navitas Ensemble (Elizabeth Choi, violin; Hannah Addario-Berry, cello) and The Collected present a program of new works by emerging composers Lisa R. Coons, Adam Fong, and Brent Miller, plus performances of their sources of inspiration. Coons reflects on her Missouri roots with reworked Baptist hymns and the metallic crunch of aging farm equipment in her three-movement Music Painted From Memory for the duet plus video; Miller's Homage draws inspiration from the polystylism and sense of harmonic conflict in Alfred Schnittke's Stille Musik; Fong's work Senescence departs from the austerity of selected Bach Inventions. The evening includes both the new pieces and their antecedents, and all three young composers will be in attendance. More information: or

Additional Dates:
Wed September 28, 2011 8:30pm
Subterranean Arthouse


Adam Fong


Brent Miller


Lisa R. Coons

Music Painted From Memory

Alfred Schnittke

Stille Musik

J.S. Bach

Two Part Invention