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Primrose Practice Tips with Eleanor Angel

Northern California Viola Society

Northern California Viola Society Primrose Practice Tips with Eleanor Angel

Join members and fans of the Northern California Viola Society for another spectacular free event:

Beautiful tone, beautiful heart*: Eleanor Angel, founder and past President of NCVS shares viola wisdom from William Primrose himself
There will be "aha" moments!! Northern California violist, educator and Bay Area treasure Eleanor Angel takes us on a journey of discovery - how to turn tricky passage work flawless using William Primrose's techniques. Using familiar repertoire, Eleanor will walk us through an exercise for learning 16th note and triplet passages in rhythms and in all parts of the bow. We'll leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of agile fingers and clean string crossings! Along the way she will share stories of her time with Primrose from her first lesson onwards. Eleanor has worked extensively with Shinichi Suzuki himself as well as with viola wizard Alan de Veritch and the peerless William Primrose. Her knowledge is deep and she is a true resource for American violists. *Suzuki quote

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