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5 On 25: A Celebration For Joe Landini's 25th Anniversary

SAFEhouse Arts

SAFEhouse Arts 5 On 25: A Celebration For Joe Landini's 25th Anniversary

December 7-9 & 14-16 (8pm)

Join SAFEhouse Arts' Founder and Executive Director Joe Landini as he celebrates 25 years of dance making in San Francisco!

The program, titled 5 ON 25: A CELEBRATION FOR JOE LANDINI'S 25TH ANNIVERSARY, features new works by Alma Esperanza Cunningham, Nina Haft, Ronja Ver as well as Landini. It will also include an encore presentation of SoMa Now and Then, a collaboration between Amy Lewis and Landini. Performances are December 7-9 & 14-16 (8pm) at SAFEhouse Arts' new venue in the Tenderloin (145 Eddy St.).

The first weekend (December 7-9) will feature "Dreams", a performance installation by Cunningham.Conceived as a multimedia "fantasia of images" reflecting on Landini's "determination and resiliency as a choreographer and arts presenter the past 25 years," the installation casts Landini as a "Sisyphean" figure on the Bay Area's dance landscape.

The first weekend will also feature a new work by Landini: "25 (journeys around the sun)". The work serves as a mid-career reflection on the artist's past trials and achievements and an uncertain future.

The second weekend (December 14-16) will showcase works by Haft, Lewis, and Ver. Haft premieres "Lone Wolf", a solo created for and in collaboration with Landini, about "isolation, strength and pack mentality." DIS/grace is a new duet created by Finnish-born Ver for herself and Landini.

5 on 25 comes to a close with a final solo performed by Landini, "SoMa Now and Then", conceived and directed by Lewis. Tracing Landini's personal history in the back alleys, bars and leather clubs of SanFrancisco's South of Market neighborhood, SoMa Now and Then explores enduring themes in Landini's life and work - art and urbanism, loss and resilience demonstrating again that for this artist the personal is political.

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