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blackbox @ the edye: Rumproller Organ Trio

The Broad Stage

The Broad Stage blackbox @ the edye: Rumproller Organ Trio

Welcome to the hottest club in town! Following a sold-out inaugural season, blackbox @ the edye is back with an all new lineup of under the radar jazz & blues artists. The Reverand Shawn Amos and the house band will perform at select [email protected] the edye shows. 

Utilizing the classic sounds of the Hammond B3 organ to transport audiences back to the nightclubs, cocktail parties and lounges of the 1950s, '60s and '70s, Rumproller insists on rolling out the 450 pound Hammond for their shows. The organ ruled the inner city nightclubs of the 1960s and everyone has heard the instrument on countless recordings, but it's rare for today's audiences to experience this majestic 55 year old instrument in person and to witness someone at the helm - kicking bass pedals with their foot, flicking knobs, and pushing and pulling levers to manipulate the sound - is like watching someone operate an airplane, tractor, or piece of heavy machinery from the past. 

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