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Voices of the Valley at Foothill Presbyterian Church - Turning a New Page

Voices of the Valley

Voices of the Valley Voices of the Valley at Foothill Presbyterian Church - Turning a New Page

With the conclusion of Voices of the Valley’s 20th Anniversary concert last year, where we selected some of the most memorable music from the past, this year, we are starting our 2019-20 season with a program featuring a refreshing combination of modern and classics choral works that pay tribute to the great masters. We are also very excited to be part of the Foothill Presbyterian Church concert series this year; and we look forward to turning a new page with you.

Chinese American composer Chen Yi, a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, is best known for weaving western and eastern influences into her compositions. In Riding on a Mule 趕牲靈, the composer puts a modern twist to the pentatonic ShanXi 山西folk tune with the percussive sounds of spoken syllables. Under the Mid-Autumn Moon 水調歌頭 and Reminisce of the Battle of Red Cliffs 念奴嬌 赤壁懷古 are both by contemporary Hong Kong composers. The former is a quiet toast to the moon, a well-wishing to the beloved ones afar bathed under the very same silvery beams; the latter is an epic account of ancient battle, fought in the raging waters of the ChangJiang against the dramatic backdrop of the red cliffs. The mood of the two songs cannot be more different, yet they both contemplate the impermanence of life, with its joy and sorrow, triumph and losses.

There are much more hidden gems to be found in the program notes, so be sure to come early and pick up a copy!

We welcome you to check out our concert and should you find the music inspiring and would like to join, check out our audition page at

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