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Wax Poet(s)

Wax Poet(s) fey/done/a/weigh

March 15-16, 2019, 8pm

Wax Poet(s), the Oakland based arts and performance collective, announces the world premiere of "fey/done/a/weigh," choreographed by Co-Directors Heather Stockton and Garth Grimball and featuring live music by Charles Peoples III. Performances are Friday and Saturday, March 15-16 at 8 pm ODC in San Francisco.

In "fey/done/a/weigh" Heather Stockton and Garth Grimball examine through mutual popular culture experiences the formation of how and where we "fit" into, and the potential deformity of the fitting, in an original dance work. This duet culls from emotional archaeology on how pop culture informs our perceptions of fatness and effeminacy. A reconciliation of pop and life is at the crux of this premiere.

"For such different bodies the two of you move so well together." This is a compliment/observation we receive whenever we perform together. "It says as much about the observer as it does our stylistic and technical compatibility," says Grimball. There is an imbedded shock that our bodies are on stage moving together at all - one of us with a perceived "dancer body," one of us a challenge to that perception. One of us validating stereotypes: male - dancer - gay - effeminate. One of us challenging stereotypes: female - dancer - fat - technical ability and prowess. Grimball and Stockton question, "Is the strength of our bond in the contradictions?"

The musical accompaniment will be Charles Peoples III singing live a capella interpretations of pop songs. From a "When You Were Mine" by Prince as a torch ballad to "Don't Cry Out Loud" by Melissa Manchester as a punk anthem, the music in "fey/done/a/weigh" will play on the audience's expectation of the familiar.

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