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Wooden Fish at Maybeck

Wooden Fish Ensemble

Wooden Fish Ensemble Wooden Fish at Maybeck

Wooden Fish Ensemble at the Maybeck
Sun, March 17, 2019
3:00 PM
Maybeck Studio for the Performing Arts
1537 Euclid Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94708

The Wooden Fish Ensemble presents concerts of music and musicians from a variety of cultural and national backgrounds working together in a collaborative way. The Ensemble has presented concerts of traditional music from Asia and new music by a diverse group of composers that includes John Cage, Christian Wolff, Frederic Rzewski, Morton Feldman, Hyo-shin Na, Boudewijn Buckinx and Walter Zimmermann. They have given numerous world premieres.

Thomas Schultz, Piano
Terrie Baune, Violin
Shoko Hikage, Koto/Bass Koto (Japanese zither)
Yuki Endo, Shinobue (Japanese Bamboo Flute)

This concert is $20 General Admission/$15 Students & Seniors

Seating is limited. Get your required online reservation here.

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Hyo-shin Na

Dirge for violin and piano (1999)/Cloud Study III for violin and piano (2018)/Koto, Violin for violin and bass koto (2016)/Cloud Study II for violin and bass koto (2017)/Melody of Wave II for shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute) and koto (Japanese zither) (2018)/Melody of Wave III for shinobue, violin, bass koto, and piano (2018)

Tadao Sawai

Chisana Haru (Touch of Spring) for koto solo (1976)

Traditional Music from Asia

2 Folk Songs from Korea and Japan


Yuki Endo