Bay Area Music Groups

The Bay Area is home to literally hundreds of classical music organizations, from community choruses to world-renowned orchestras, opera companies and chamber ensembles. This listing provides all the vital statistics for Bay Area music groups, as well as a summary of what they do best. Search by type of organization or alphabetically. Note to classical music groups: If your organization is not listed here or there is an error in your listing, please email [email protected].


Founded: 1987

Magical Strings West

Founded: 2011
Artistic Director: Sue Mann

MagicFlutes Flute Orchestra

Founded: 1985
Artistic Director: Pamela Ravenelle
Where to hear them: San Mateo

Magik*Magik Orchestra

M*MO is the official house orchestra of Tiny Telephone. M*MO is a modular group of symphonic players that can ordered up as needed, from a single bass clarinet, to an 60-piece ensemble. 

Founded: 2008
Artistic Director: Minna Choi
Where to hear them: Various San Francisco locations


Magnificat presents repertoire from the 17th Century, ranging from staged operas to liturgical reconstructions.

Founded: 1991
Artistic Director: Warren Stewart
Where to hear them: Venues in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Berkeley

Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance

Artistic Director: Mahealani Uchiyama
Where to hear them:

Mana Quartet

Founded: 2007
Artistic Director: Michael Hernandez, Michael Mortarotti, Diane Hunger, Thomas Giles
Where to hear them: Bay Area Region

Mane Musica

Renaissance, medieval, and early baroque small-ensemble music performed on sackbut, cornetto, and perhaps other blending instruments

Founded: 2017
Artistic Director: collective


Manny’s is a people-powered and community-focused meeting and learning place in the heart of San Francisco that combines a restaurant, political bookshop, and civic-events space. The goal of Manny’s is to create a central and affordable place to become a better informed and more involved citizen.

Margaret Jenkins Dance Company

Founded: 1973
Artistic Director: Margaret Jenkins

Margaret Wingrove Dance Company

Artistic Director: Margaret Wingrove