Bay Area Music Groups

The Bay Area is home to literally hundreds of classical music organizations, from community choruses to world-renowned orchestras, opera companies and chamber ensembles. This listing provides all the vital statistics for Bay Area music groups, as well as a summary of what they do best. Search by type of organization or alphabetically. Note to classical music groups: If your organization is not listed here or there is an error in your listing, please email [email protected].

Salle des Artistes

Mission: To change the lives of artists and children of San Francisco

Salon Classique

Founded: 2010
Artistic Director: Karsten Windt
Where to hear them: San Francisco Bay Area


Founded: 2008
Artistic Director: Cariwyl Hebert

San Diego Symphony

The San Diego Symphony Orchestra performed its first concert on December 6, 1910, making it the oldest orchestra in the state of California. In the 100-plus years since its inception, the San Diego Symphony Orchestra has become one of the finest orchestras in the United States.

Founded: 1910
Artistic Director: Rafael Payare

San Domenico Music Conservatory

The Conservatory integrates music education into the curriculum for boys and girls from Pre-K to 8th grade and Girls from 9th to 12th grades. The Virtuoso Program (VP) is the most advanced level in the Music Conservatory's group instrumental music curriculum. Since 1977 the Virtuoso Program has provided advanced music instruction to Upper School string players who wish to dedicate themselves to an intense course of study

Founded: 1850
Artistic Director: Robin Creighton Ravazzini
Where to hear them: Dominican Hall at the Conservatory

San Domenico Music Conservatory

Artistic Director: Rob Denunzio
Where to hear them: Carol Franc Buck Hall of the Arts Bettye Poetz Ferguson Hall San Domenico Music Conservatory and Virtuoso Program 1500 Butterfield Rd, San Anselmo, California 94960

San Domenico School, Hall of the Arts

Artistic Director: Robert Denunzio

San Domenico Virtuoso Program

Founded: 1977
Artistic Director: Ann Krinitsky
Where to hear them: Bettye Poetz Ferguson Hall, San Domenico School, 1500 Butterfield Rd, San Anselmo

San Francisco Academy Orchestra

Each year, young professional musicians from all over the Bay Area take the Academy Orchestra audition. Those selected for the "Academy Experience" are given the opportunity to rehearse and perform alongside members of the San Francisco Symphony.

Founded: 2006
Artistic Director: Andrei Gorbatenko, Music Director

San Francisco Accordion Chamber Ensemble

Founded: 1995
Artistic Director: Joseph Smiell, JR, conductor
Where to hear them: 579 Capp St. San Francisco, community music center

San Francisco Accordion Club

Founded: 1916
Artistic Director: Lynn Ewing
Where to hear them: Oyster Point Yacht Club, South San Francisco