Bay Area Music Groups

The Bay Area is home to literally hundreds of classical music organizations, from community choruses to world-renowned orchestras, opera companies and chamber ensembles. This listing provides all the vital statistics for Bay Area music groups, as well as a summary of what they do best. Search by type of organization or alphabetically. Note to classical music groups: If your organization is not listed here or there is an error in your listing, please email [email protected].

San Francisco Symphony Symphonix

Where to hear them: San Francisco Symphony

San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra

SFSYO program is available to select talented young musicians (under 20 years of age) from the greater Bay Area. The concert programs are filled with the great masterworks of the orchestral repertoire. The ensemble is also noted for its commissioning program and performances of modern and contemporary works.

Founded: 1981
Artistic Director: Benjamin Shwartz
Where to hear them: Davies Symphony Hall and throughout the Bay Area

San Francisco Tape Music Festival

Presenting performances of audioArt diffused through a surround-sound speaker environment.

Founded: 1998 (as the East Bay Creative Music Festival)
Artistic Director: by the San Francisco Tape Music Collective
Where to hear them: Cell Space

San Francisco Waltzing Society's Autumn Gala Viennese Waltz Ball

An invitation to the ball is available from the web site( or from Gail Enright at [email protected] No ticket sales at the door.

This organization holds a Viennese Waltz Ball every year. 2016 is the 60th annual ball. The Saratoga Symphony plays waltzes, polkas, and quadrilles. When the orchestra breaks, a quartet provides other dance music such as foxtrot, tango, rumba, chacha, and swing. A formal dinner precedes the dance. Dress is White tie, Black tie optional.

Founded: Early 1950's
Artistic Director: Mrs. Gail Enright
Where to hear them: This years ball will be on Saturday November 12, 2016 at the Ballroom of the Hotel Whitcomb in San Francisco.

San Francisco Wind Ensemble

Founded: 2012
Artistic Director: Martin Seggelke

San Francisco Youth Ballet

Founded: 1999
Artistic Director: Kellie Foy

San Francisco Youth Chamber Orchestra

San Francisco Youth Chamber Orchestra is a group of passionate young musicians from the Bay Area and farther reaching areas of Sacramento and Modesto. Most members are also part of the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra or San Francisco Conservatory where they played together and met. The chamber orchestra is organized and conducted by 18 year old conductor-in-training Euan Shields. The 22 member group of teens and early twenties rehearse in Shields' home or in a back room at Davies hall after SFSYO rehearsals. They have a played five public concerts in San Francisco in churches around the city. All performances are charity concerts to raise money to help homeless families in San Francisco. The orchestra plays a diverse repertoire, most recently performing pieces by Bach, Elgar, Debussy, Schoenberg, Dvorak, Ravel and Monteverdi. Every performance brings a new adventure, incorporating such unexpected elements as harp solos, choral singers and large wind sections. San Francisco Youth Chamber Orchestra has now begun to play regularly at The Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin.

Founded: 09/2015
Artistic Director: Euan Shields
Where to hear them: The Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin

San Francisco Youth Chorus

Founded: 2015
Artistic Director: Katie Gerber

San Jose Chamber Music Society

Founded: 1986
Artistic Director: Ted Lorraine
Where to hear them: Le Petit Trianon Theatre, 72 N. Fifth St., San Jose, CA 95112

San José Chamber Orchestra

The SJCO combines new works with standard repertoire, premiering more than 75 new works, mostly commissions, during their first 17 years. They also have 4 youth orchestras(all strings), 90 youth players total.

Founded: 1991
Artistic Director: Barbara Day Turner
Where to hear them: Most performances are at Le Petit Trianon in San Jose

San Jose Choral Productions

(Formerly the Choral Project) This mid-sized, award-winning ensemble is based in San Jose and presents wide-ranging programs that often include theatrical elements.

Founded: 1996
Artistic Director: Daniel Hughes
Where to hear them: Mostly South Bay; sometimes other locations in Bay Area.