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Slavyanka Chorus

Since 1979 Slavyanka has captured the hearts of singers and audiences in the Bay Area, California, and on several tours to the Soviet Union, Russia, and Eastern Europe with its distinctive cappella men’s Slavic choral sound. In 2012 Slavyanka formed a counterpart women’s group in order to bring a wider variety of performances to our audiences with music for mixed as well as men’s and women’s choruses. Russian and American trained conductor Irina Shachneva became Slavyanka’s fourth Artistic Director in 2012.

Slavyanka’s repertoire draws primarily from Russian sources, from ancient Orthodox liturgical chants and folk songs to modern compositions by Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, and Stravinsky, but we also sing music from Georgia, Armenia, Serbia, Croatia, and other Eastern European countries. Slavyanka has released seven recordings and sung on soundtracks for several movies.

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Founded: 1979
Music/Artistic Director: Irina Shachneva
Where to hear: Venues throughout the extended Bay Area

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