Bay Area Music Groups

The Bay Area is home to literally hundreds of classical music organizations, from community choruses to world-renowned orchestras, opera companies and chamber ensembles. This listing provides all the vital statistics for Bay Area music groups, as well as a summary of what they do best. Search by type of organization or alphabetically. Note to classical music groups: If your organization is not listed here or there is an error in your listing, please email [email protected].


Audium is the only theater of its kind in the world, pioneering the exploration of space in music. The theater's 176 speakers bathe listeners in sounds that move past, over, and under them. "Sound sculptures" are performed in darkness in the 49-seat theater.

Founded: 1975
Artistic Director: David Shaff
Where to hear them: Audium Theater - 1616 Bush Street

Augustana Choir

Composed of music majors and non-majors alike, this inventive mixed choral ensemble explores choral music with improvisation, a wide array of literature and looking past the sheet music to find the deeper meaning and role of the music.

Founded: Established in 1931, the Augustana Choir is the premier choral ensemble at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. Augustana College was founded by Swedish settlers in 1860 and trumpets his heritage and roots in the liberal arts curriculum.
Artistic Director: Dr. Jon Hurty
Where to hear them: Since 1931, the Augustana Choir has performed throughout the nation and the world in churches and concert halls. Most recently, the ensemble toured Germany, Denmark and Sweden with one of the highlights being a concert in the Uppsala Cathedral. The choir has also performed in Chicago's Orchestra Hall, Carnegie Hall in New York City and several others.

Aurora Theatre Company

Artistic Director: Tom Ross

Avantica Academy of Odissi Dance

Shipra Avantica Mehrotra is recognized today as a leading Odissi dancer, choreographer, and educator. Shipra's technical virtuosity and evocative abhinaya showcase the innate lyricism and theatricality of traditional Odissi while she simultaneously revitalizes the dance form with her contemporary perspectives. This balanced approach has earned her the opportunity to perform at several prestigious events and dance festivals across the United States and India. The New York Times described Shipra's performance at the 2010 Erasing Borders dance festival as 'wholly poetic' and 'the truest revelation of dance itself.'

Founded: 2006
Artistic Director: Shipra Avantica Mehrotra
Where to hear them:

Avedis Chamber Music Series

Avedis is the only concert series in the United States dedicated exclusively to chamber music for flute.

Founded: 1985
Artistic Director: Alexandra Hawley
Where to hear them: Florence Gould Hall, Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco

Awesöme Orchestra Collective

Awesöme Orchestra Collective holds free, drop-in reading sessions that are open to all musicians. We play everything from Stravinsky to Star Wars, in fun spaces around the Bay Area. The rehearsal is the performance. There are no auditions – just sign up to play! Music sounds better when everybody is having a good time.

Founded: 2013
Artistic Director: David Möschler
Where to hear them: Unconventional spaces all over the Bay Area

Awesöme Orchestra Collective

Awesöme Orchestra is the Bay Area's adventure-seeking orchestra, playing everything from Stravinsky to Star Wars. They hold drop-in reading sessions for musicians and special events for everyone!

Founded: 2013
Artistic Director: David Möschler
Where to hear them: Awesöme Orchestra pops-up in fun places all over the bay.

Ayano Production

Vocal and various music with wide range of musician friends.

Artistic Director: Takae Hirano

Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society

Founded: 1964
Artistic Director: Prentice "Pete" Douglas
Where to hear them: Douglas Beach House, 307 Mirada Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 (on Miramar Beach, 40 minutes south of San Francisco)

Bach Quartet Project

Founded: circa 2005
Artistic Director: David Cheng
Where to hear them: San Francisco - Bay Area

Bach-Millennium Music

Bach-Millennium Music is a non-profit company, organized to empower singers, conductors and vocal coaches in their pursuits of artistry in the field of opera by offering unique, intensive educational training programs where students can learn and excel through daily practice with a resident professional orchestra, master classes, individual lessons, seminars, workshops and public performing opportunities.

Founded: In 2014 by Milena Gergieva Bach
Artistic Director: Milena Georgieva Bach and Timothy Bach

Back to Bach

Founded: 2010
Artistic Director: Ann Callaway
Where to hear them: St. Luke's Lutheran, Walnut Creek