Bay Area Music Groups

The Bay Area is home to literally hundreds of classical music organizations, from community choruses to world-renowned orchestras, opera companies and chamber ensembles. This listing provides all the vital statistics for Bay Area music groups, as well as a summary of what they do best. Search by type of organization or alphabetically. Note to classical music groups: If your organization is not listed here or there is an error in your listing, please email [email protected].

Oakland Youth Orchestra

Artistic Director: John Kendall Bailey

Oakland Youth Orchestra

Founded: 1964
Artistic Director: Michael Morgan

Oakland-East Bay Gay Men's Chorus

Founded: 1999
Artistic Director: Carl Pantle
Where to hear them: Odell Johnson Performing Arts Center - Laney College

Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Oberlin is a four-year, highly selective liberal arts college and conservatory of music. Founded in 1833 by a Presbyterian minister and a missionary, it holds a distinguished place among American colleges and universities.

Occidental Community Choir

Founded: 1978
Artistic Director: Sarah Saulsbury
Where to hear them: Occidental Center for the Arts, Occidental CA 95472

ODC Dance Company

ODC is a groundbreaking contemporary arts institution with longstanding roots in the San Francisco community. The organization was formed by Brenda Way in 1971 as a collective of artists at Oberlin College in Ohio where the name ODC originates (Oberlin Dance Collective). Operating in San Francisco's Mission district for 40 years, ODC programs and numerous neighborhood activities have contributed to community development, stability and access to creative art-making. Presenting, co-presenting, scholarship, work exchange, apprentice, sponsorship and rental programs are all here to serve the large professional dance, music and theater communities in San Francisco.

Founded: 1971
Artistic Director: Brenda Way

ODC Theater

Artistic Director: Christy Bolingbroke

OFF Center

Founded: 2010
Artistic Director: Ernesto Sopprani

Ohlone Chamber Singers

Artistic Director: Dennis Keller
Where to hear them: Smith Center at Ohlone College 43600 Mission Blvd.

Ohlone Colllege Jazz/Rock Combos

Artistic Director: Tim Roberts
Where to hear them: 43600 Misssion Blvd.

Ohlone Tuba Ensemble

Founded: 2000
Artistic Director: Tony Clements
Where to hear them: Ohlone College