Together Again! Celebrating the Music of African American Composers

Presented by African American Composer Initiative

Musicians of the African American Composer Initiative

The musicians and guest artists of the African American Composer Initiative return to the Performing Arts Center at Eastside College Prep, East Palo Alto, to present benefit concerts dedicated to the rich heritage of music by African American composers. The concerts feature vocal and instrumental music in a broad range of styles: spirituals, jazz, blues, and instrumental and vocal concert music.

Composers featured on the concert  include Regina Baiocchi, Valerie Capers, Duke Ellington, Jeremiah Evans, Jacqueline Hairston, Betty Jackson King, Melba Liston, and John Robinson.

Performing on the program are soprano Yolanda Rhodes, tenor Othello Jefferson, pianists/vocalists LaDoris Cordell and Deanne Tucker, The Picasso Ensemble: pianist Josephine Gandolfi, violinist Susan C. Brown, cellist Victoria Ehrlich; clarinetist Carol Somersille, percussionist Jim Kassis, trumpeter John Worley, trombonist John Monroe, flutist Stephanie McNab, and saxophonists Oscar Pangilinan and Tod Dickow. Featured guest artists are Valerie Capers, piano, and John Robinson, bass.


City: East Palo Alto
Price Range:
$5 to $20


Othello Jefferson tenor
Yolanda Rhodes soprano
LaDoris Cordell vocalist/pianist
Deanne Tucker vocalist/pianist
Josephine Gandolfi pianist
John Worley trumpet
Stephanie McNab piccolo and flute
Victoria Ehrlich cello
Susan C. Brown violin
Oscar Pangilinan alto sax
Tod Dickow tenor sax
Jim Kassis drums
John Monroe trombone
John Robinson bass
Valerie Capers piano
Carol Somersille clarinet

Performing Arts Center, Eastside College Preparatory School

Performing Arts Center, Eastside College Preparatory School

1041 Myrtle Street
East Palo Alto, CA 94303
United States